by Dean Wallraff

All or portions of the following may be downloaded and played on your computer in MP3 format. These are furnished for your personal enjoyment only. Please do not republish or distribute without permission.

Music for Movies

Music for Modern Dance

A primitive tribal dance, written in an equal-tempered version of the pentatonic scale.

In The Expanse: Visions of the Desert
Using real-time spatial processing of sounds, this piece evokes the Arizona desert.

Percussion Suite
Three movements using percussion sounds

Le Tombeau de Rameau
Impressions of Baroque music

Songs of Change
Six songs based on the Yi Jing (AKA I Ching or Book of Changes)

A viola solo

A abstract modern electronic piano solo

A contrapuntal piece, synthesized at the M.I.T. Experimental Music Lab in 1977, using a 23-notes per "throctave" scale. (A throctave is a 3/1 ratio that is used in this piece as the basic harmonic unity, just as an octave is the unity in our conventionally tuned music.)

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