Music by Dean Wallraff

Demo Tracks


Half the work of a film composer is getting your music heard by the directors and producers who pick composers for their movies. Sometimes you write things on spec for particular projects, sometimes you record things just for your demo reel. Here are a couple of my demo tracks, recorded with real live orchestras. (The music I wrote for actual movies was produced in my home studio. Movies these days have to be pretty high-budget to afford anything else.)

Demonic Chase
This is a demo chase cue for a movie. I recorded it with a top Hollywood studio orchestra on one of the major studios' film scoring stages.

Stalwart Love
I recorded this with a demo orchestra, but they did a pretty nice job.

New West
This isn't really supposed to me a movie cue, it's just a little "new age" track that I included on my demo reel.


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