Evelyn B. Wallraff
1920 - 2001

in Memoriam

Evelyn Wallraff around 1945

Evelyn Wallraff in 1993


1920: Born, in Chicago, IL. Youngest child in extended Polish-American family (4 brothers). Mother was talented seamstress, cook and homemaker, who played the piano quite well by ear. Father was master restorer and framer of paintings. Brought up Catholic.

1937: BA degree in piano from local conservatory

1938: BS in chemistry, Rosary College

1942: MS in biochemistry, University of Chicago, moved to Tucson to take job as instructor in Dept. of Bacteriology at University of Arizona

1946: Married Charles F. Wallraff, a junior professor in the Dept. of Ppsychology and Philosophy at the U of A. Evelyn had to quit her job, due to nepotism laws in force at the time. She turned to research work.

1951: Son, Dean Wallraff, born

1953: Daughter, Barbara Wallraff, born

1960: PhD in microbiology from U of A

1961 - 1969 - Principal researcher on valley fever, working at Veterans Administration Hospital in Tucson. Published several papers in the field.

1970 - 1985 Taught microbiology at Pima College in Tucson

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