Stupid God
Why would a God in his right mind spend seven days of his time creating an entire vast universe and then focus on a teeny little planet in the middle of it? Why would he follow the minuscule lives of the billions of ant-like inhabitants of that planet when he could easily conjure more excellent beings into existence in another six days (or maybe five days, since he’s practiced)? Why would he care that those ants believe in him or not? If he really cared, why would he not want to just manifest himself in some obvious way and show them he was up there or out there or wherever he was?
      I can easily imagine more excellent beings than humans, why can’t this supposed God? The Bible says he created man “in his image.” Maybe he’s a retarded God, and we’ll be his little ant playthings until a few more billion years pass and he gets tired of his toys and smashes us. He must be really retarded if our stupid antics can amuse him for so long.

Is the world a better place than it would have been had Jesus never been born? So many Christians have done awful things in his name. So few Christians take his message to heart.

Apologists for Judaism, Islam and Christianity often cite the transition from polytheism to monotheism as an advancement. Can't we extrapolate and conclude that believing in zero gods is still more advanced?

Do You Want God?
Which world would you prefer to live in?:

  • A Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheistic world?
  • A Hindu Polytheistic world?
  • A Buddhist world run on spiritual principles without a personal deity?
  • An atheist rational secular humanist world?

The choice of religion is more often based on an emotional preference or prejudice than on a rational evaluation of which alternative is likely to be true.
     I prefer the last alternative on emotional grounds because I like to be a grown-up, responsible for my life and actions instead of subordinating myself to a mythical supernatural being.

I am a materialist. I don't mean that I hunger after wealth & posessions, but rather that I share the scientific point of view that the material phsical world, discoverable and knowable by science, is all there is. The consequences are:

  • No God, angels, devils, heaven, hell, karma, demons, souls, witchcraft
  • No astrology
  • No such thing as luck, except as favorable chance
  • No vampires, werewolves, goblins or ghosts

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